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This is a 2D platforming boss fight crafted with Unity. This game combines exciting combat, precise execution and positioning in a world where aliens invade earth.

A meteor crashed into a barn somewhere in downtown, and killed all but one of the animals in it. Chic-Lee, the only survivor, was having a little snack outside of the barn. As Chic-Lee approached the meteor to find out what had killed his friends, the meteor mutated Chic-Lee. Chic-Lee has now gained the power of the legendary martial art master Bruce Lee. Shortly after, the aliens that dropped the meteor came back to reclaim it. Seeing the condition of Chic-Lee, the aliens knew he must be terminated. With his new acquired powers, Chic-Lee has other plans on hand..

This game was made with the Unity Engine for a project at KDU University College.

PlatformWindows PC
Duration4 months
Team Size8
RoleLead Programmer

My team had a little trouble starting off with this project as most of us had no previous experience working in a group project. I worked mostly on the main character (attacks, movement, skills, tutorial). We managed to stabilise towards the end and though unstable, the game was completed. Later on, I personally did a few bug fixes and balanced the boss' damage in the second stage.

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Install instructions

1. Download the file.

2. Unzip the file.

3. Run Downtown Chic-Fu.exe.


Downtown Chic-Fu.rar 42 MB

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