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Ping is a local multiplayer action game made with Unity. This game focuses on multitasking and prioritizing multiple simple tasks. Two players are put in a park where they need WiFi to play Pong, but the WiFi is unstable and moves from time to time.

You play as one of two characters playing Pong in a park, except this version of Pong requires WiFi which will affect the input lag of your paddle in Pong. Push your opponents away from the WiFi while staying close to it in an attempt to win at a simple game of Pong!

This game was made during the KDU x LHU Student Game Jam in KDU University College.

PlatformWindows PC
Duration24 hours
Team Size3

This project was absolutely fun to work on! There were only very few moments when my team ran into problems during the process of making this game. I was tasked to work on the top half of the game (where the players bump into each other while trying to get close to the WiFi) and simulating lag for Pong. With proper planning and excellent execution, we were even able to go out for meals and head home to sleep during the game jam! (the game jam lasted for only 24 hours)

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Install instructions

1. Download the file.

2. Unzip the file.

3. Run Ping.exe.


Ping Game.rar 9 MB


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By the way, I heard that you "excel at making platformers". Do you happen to know how to make good level design?

No, I am currently still learning about level design from my friends and lecturers when the opportunity rises, as I am focused mainly on Game Technology. The reason why that statement was written was because I am able to control hitbox detection, especially in 2D and without physics (as demonstrated in Downtown Chic-Fu.

Oh okay, well thanks.

It's a genius concept but the humans move a bit too fast, making it really hard to have a consistent wifi signal. I get that that's the point but it's still a bit annoying. Other than that, I'd say this is one of the most original games I've seen on this site.

Thank you, I'm glad that you liked it. My team did not have much time to tweak it as we had to complete the game and balance the mechanics within 24 hours (this project was made during a game jam). However, my team might further develop this game in the future, and your feedback will be taken into account.

Thanks. Can't wait! :D